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You are often told to set a different password for each account, but this is troublesome. A good option is to register and log in to popular websites through social media accounts , your account will be safe and you don’t need to set a unique password for it. If you need the services of a website, but you are skeptical about it, then you can use the “temporary email” service.

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Oct 22, 2014

 · 1. Take a Windows 7 install CD. 2. Chose Language and click on Repair. 3. Chose your installation and open the commandline. 4. type in the cmd regedit.exe. 5. Click on "HKEY_LOCAL_Machine" and then File-> Load structure. Search the windows folder. It’s in the most cases D:\Windows. Load this file: "D:\Windows\System32\Config\SAM." Chose a name …

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Aug 26, 2014

 · If her PC does not require a Windows password, LogMeIn will require you to create an access code upon installing the host software. If you are being prompted to enter a username and password instead of an Access Code, it sounds like there was not an access code created. I would recommend opening the LogMeIn control panel on your Mother’s computer and it should immediately ask you to set computer access

How to Login to Windows 7 without Password in 4 Ways (100% …


Jun 07, 2021

 · Step 1: Power on the PC you want to login without password. Continuously press the "Shift" key 5 times once the login… Step 2: Enter Windows 7 without password using this hidden admin account. Step 3: Once you have accessed the PC, right-click the "This PC" icon and select manager option from the

Login Directly Into Windows 7 Without Entering Password


Jul 21, 2009

 · Go to Start and type netplwiz in the Start Search and hit Enter. The User Accounts dialogue box will be displayed as shown in following screenshot. Now uncheck Users must a enter username and password to use this computer option and press OK. Thats all, now reboot your system and you will never see the login window any more.