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You are often told to set a different password for each account, but this is troublesome. A good option is to register and log in to popular websites through social media accounts , your account will be safe and you don’t need to set a unique password for it. If you need the services of a website, but you are skeptical about it, then you can use the “temporary email” service.

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Apr 03, 2020

 · Hi @sukhong , nice to meet you, another vim user. 🙂 Back then, the login.microsoftonline.com and login.windows.net were supposed to be alias of each other, without any tangible behavior difference. Is it not the case anymore? Did you observe some different behavior, that causes you to create this ticket?

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Jul 11, 2019

 · The user’s credentials are evaluated at https://login.microsoftonline.com and upon successful authentication the user is directed back to https://login.windows.net which finally issues your app the token it requested. A typical sign-in flow might look like this:

My bearer token is sts.windows.net, but I need it to be …


Dec 09, 2020

 · My bearer token is sts.windows.net, but I need it to be login.microsoftonline.com. Wed Dec 09, 2020 by Jan de Vries. I’m busy locking down my web applications in Azure and using my learnings on the day job. One way to do this is by making sure all requests are authenticated, and roles are granted accordingly.. Using the correct issuer

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Jun 29, 2015

 · Problem is that login.microsoftonline.com returns 200 to the authentication request, instead of 302 (redirect) that the login.windows.net does (which is what should be returned by the unified API as well – see respective documentation on MSDN. Here is an example – Office 365 Unfied API vs. Azure AD. Both get you to the Microsoft login page but only Azure AD redirects you there (i.e., returns 302).

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Feb 11, 2019

 · Every single token (access or ID) issued with a v1.0 fomat will have issuer sts.windows.net (assuming the worldwide cloud and not a national one) Every single token (access or ID) issued with a v2.0 format will have issuer login.microsoftonline.com; Every single ID token issued by the v1 endpoint (used by ADAL) is v1 format.

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Apr 03, 2018

 · Now, to complete the move to this new authority, we need all customers to update any applications using an AAD authority other than login.microsoftonline.us. This includes: login.windows.net; login.microsoftonline.com; login-us.microsoftonline.com; accounts.accesscontrol.windows.net; What kind of applications? This could be any of the following: